Improving Air Quality - Serving People & the Environment

ICENECDEV is improving indoor air quality among local population by training Rural women to produce improved cook stoves using local materials and providing improved cook fuel efficient stoves in communities to reduce indoor air pollution (Smoke), improve the health of population, save the mountain forest, reduce the rate of deforestation from wood fuel, adapt and mitigate impact of climate change during the raining Season

In 2012, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that air quality causes between 7 and 8 million deaths every year. The makes air pollution the leading environmental cause of premature deaths. Exposure to indoor and outdoor air pollution is closely linked to increase in occurrences of cardiovascular disease, such as strokes and heart disease, as well as cancer and respiratory disease.

Around half of the estimated 7 to 8 million premature deaths annually are caused by indoor air pollution, the main source being cooking and heating with solid fuels - wood and other biomass based fuel - over open fires. The two actions that can dramatically lower biomass use and improve indoor air quality are the use of efficient cook/heating stoves and cleaner burning fuels.


Women Farmers Literacy Center

The project involve the building of hall of two floor of 8 squares metres at lower Bokova Village (mile15) to be used as a community hall for training on agricultural literacy and Community library. The goal of the project is to promote agricultural literacy and improve sustainable livelihood among 2,000 women farmers in village communities in Buea South West Region, Cameroon.


  • Address: P.O Box 641 Lower Bokova, Mile 15. Buea South West Region,Cameroon
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  • Tel: +237 674033583/ 243609311


ICENECDEV is building a global grassroots to raise environmental awareness, promoting education and supporting community development programs by sharing practical ways in which people are addressing environmental conservation issues


Each year ICENECDEV promote environmental conservation education in schools, prisons and local communities in Cameroon by establishing environmental clubs liaison with school administration in primary and secondary schools in Cameroon.


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