Linking Farmers and Buyers (Markets) - Serving People & the Environment

The International Centre for Environmental Education and Community Development (ICENECDEV) main goal is to enhance the livelihoods of rural farmers in the village communities by building capacity in access to market information and strategies in agricultural marketing and the establishment of a sustainable network of farmers.

ICENECDEV provides link and connecting buyers (individuals, companies, organizations) with farmers supplying Cassava tubers, Cassava products,Maize,Pepper,Cocoa, Coffee, honey products and Pineapple, in Cameroon.

ICENECDEV is working with farmers by empowering and building their capacity in access to market information and strategies in agricultural marketing.

The Farmers are faced with problems of :

  • Farmers exploitation and Cases of local buyers defaulting on payments and the local buyers taking advantage of low financial literacy skills and negotiation skills of the farmers.
  • Farmers are faced with a lack of reliable marketing information and inaccurate data on marketing situation.
  • Poor management leading to weak farmers associations and cooperatives.

ICENECDEV is working with a network of farmers, farmer groups and cooperatives who supply the above mentioned agricultural products of great quantity, good quality and moderate rate.

ICENECDEV is a non profit organization and non governmental organization and ICENECDEV charge a minimum fee for posting of sample products to buyers and to provide direct link of the farmers/cooperative/farmer groups with the buyers.

ICENECDEV charge the following cost :

  1. Purchase and posting of agricultural products to buyers - negotiable ( depending on the quantity)
  2. To provide direct link of the farmers/cooperatives/farmer groups to the buyer - negotiable If you need any sample of the agricultural products or need to visit the farmers in Cameroon, do not hesitate to contact us.


Women Farmers Literacy Center

The project involve the building of hall of two floor of 8 squares metres at lower Bokova Village (mile15) to be used as a community hall for training on agricultural literacy and Community library. The goal of the project is to promote agricultural literacy and improve sustainable livelihood among 2,000 women farmers in village communities in Buea South West Region, Cameroon.


  • Address: P.O Box 641 Lower Bokova, Mile 15. Buea South West Region,Cameroon
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  • Tel: +237 674033583/ 243609311


ICENECDEV is building a global grassroots to raise environmental awareness, promoting education and supporting community development programs by sharing practical ways in which people are addressing environmental conservation issues


Each year ICENECDEV promote environmental conservation education in schools, prisons and local communities in Cameroon by establishing environmental clubs liaison with school administration in primary and secondary schools in Cameroon.


  • Name of Bank: Ecobank Cameroon
  • Account Name: ICENECDEV
  • Account Number: CM2110029260220132201840107
  • IBAN: CM2110029260220132201840107
  • Bank Swift Code: ECOCCMCX