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Cameroon has recorded significant damage to its ecosystems in the last several decade following the unsustainable use and exploitation of natural resources.Cameroon has about 22 million hectares of forestland, receding by about 100,000 hectares per year .Deforestation is a major threat in the mountain forests of mount Cameroon as a result of increase in population pressure on the resources. According to a publication of the World Bank, 98.7% of Cameroonian low income households use only fuel wood/Charcoal for cooking. The wood demand form household energy largely exceeds the available renewable woody biomass.

This result to rapid rate of deforestation for domestic and commercial purpose, indiscriminate cutting of trees by forest exploitation companies with no operating license and little Government supervision in the forest region and certified forest areas. With about one quarter of the Cameroon’s forests managed by families and communities, resources and cost related to certification are major obstacles to expanding forest certification to the forest area currently uncertified. The status of forests, especially for forest owners in Cameroon and central African states, presents enormous challenges, reflecting the larger constraints of a lack of governance, weak policies and inadequately developed institutions. Procurement policies need to be complemented and supported by capacity-building and development initiatives if they are to fully utilize their potential to contribute to the wider challenge of increasing the Cameroon’s certified forest area, and the supplies of certified timber required.

ICENECDEV ensures the participation and inclusion of, Governments, Companies, NGOs, family and community owned forests in forest conservation practices through outreach education and sensitizations in schools, and local communities along the forest region of Cameroon.ICENECDEV educate and train village communities on forest certification, bee keeping, agroforestry, and use of fuel efficient stoves as activities to conserve the mount Cameroon forest

The government of Cameroon is promoting sustainable forest management in collaboration with non governmental organizations such as WWF, WCS, and local communities through the enactment of Cameroon comprehensive forestry law(law number 94/01 of 20th January 1994) .

ICENECDEV is advocating and encouraging forest conservation measures like forest education ,Agro forestry, bee keeping ecotourism, use of forest saving stoves(fuel efficiency stoves or improved fuel efficient stoves are more energy efficient and can save between 60% and 80% of the wood fuel hence saving the forest, wildlife and restore the climate) in local communities in the mount Cameroon region to save and protect the mountain forest for sustainable development.This is in line with the programme of sustainable management of natural resources in the south west region coordinated by the ministry of forestry and wildlife and German Government.


Women Farmers Literacy Center

The project involve the building of hall of two floor of 8 squares metres at lower Bokova Village (mile15) to be used as a community hall for training on agricultural literacy and Community library. The goal of the project is to promote agricultural literacy and improve sustainable livelihood among 2,000 women farmers in village communities in Buea South West Region, Cameroon.


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ICENECDEV is building a global grassroots to raise environmental awareness, promoting education and supporting community development programs by sharing practical ways in which people are addressing environmental conservation issues


Each year ICENECDEV promote environmental conservation education in schools, prisons and local communities in Cameroon by establishing environmental clubs liaison with school administration in primary and secondary schools in Cameroon.


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